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So today I went to the store.



And I was in line, ready to pay for my groceries when I see a magazine with KURT AND BLAINE BEING ALL CUTE AND LOVELY ON THE COVER OMG. (This is really weird because Glee and Klaine aren’t as big here yet, some episodes haven’t aired and stuff… And it just isn’t as big in Mexico xD)

And just as I was about to grab it a lady behind me goes: “Ugh, that’s disgusting, two boys?! yuck.”

I like, froze and turned around to look at her like

And I was all: “Excuse me?”

And she goes: “Yeah, it’s so gross, whoever thought putting that on the cover of a magazine was ok? What are they teaching our kids?”

What are they teaching our kids? 

Jesus, I wanted to choke her, but I smiled at her and calmly said: “Oh I think it’s adorable, and it’s a great way to tell people to be more open.”

Then she made a weird face and went: “They’re all going to burn in hell, God hates fags.”


So I tell her: “You poor woman, you really don’t understand anything, do you?”

And now she’s all offended and she’s all: “What would you know? you’re just a brat, you’re probably going to hell, too, because you’re supporting that disgusting thing.”

And by now I’m like LOL and tell her: “I seriously doubt I’m going to hell, because God loves me the way I am, he loves everyone the way they are, even them.” I said pointing at the magazine.

The look on her face, guys. “Well, he hates—”

“He doesn’t hate anyone lady, I know this because I’m a Catechist and I teach kids at church. It’s my job to know and tell them that God loves them no matter what.”

And now she’s all alsdjalsdjsd and doesn’t know what to say and she turned to leave. 

So I grab my magazine and go up to the cashier and the guy there is smiling at me and he’s crying. 

And I’m like, “Woah, are you ok?”

So he quietly tells me: “Thank you… I really needed to hear that,” And he whispers. “I’m gay.”

So I just kinda… stood there and smiled at him and I felt so good. 

And then he gave me a free bag of Skittles lol.

It was a weird trip to the super market.

needs to be on my blog.


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